Françoise Labasque



Student of the "Ateliers Penningen", "Charpentier" (Paris) and also "Yankel" (Paris), Françoise Labasque has worked with different artists

like painters/designers Archiguild and Jacques Chancel. Her unique work catch medias' attention with

whom she collaborates for the TV show "le peintre et le jardinier" (France 3, shot in Vauville Botanical Gardens).

Françoise Labasque has shown her work at the French Parliament "l'Assemblée Nationale" in Paris where visitors

could enjoy and appreciate her great works.

The Spring Fairs of Cherbourg and Caen (Les Salons de Printemps de Cherbourg et de Caen) has also welcomed paintings of this artist whose

talent has here again been proved.

It's in the very heart of her inspiration, "la Hague", that Françoise Labasque has today settled her studio.



Born in Normandy.

Studies in Paris : Penningen, Fine Arts, Ecole Charpentier)

Student following YANKEL, teacher at the Fine Arts of Paris

Selected exhibitions :

2000 Paris.

2001 Salon des Artistes Bas-Normands CAEN.

2002 Assemblée Nationale.

2003 Paintings for the movie « Lili et le Baobab»

2004 Exhibition at “Chateau des Ravalet”

2005 Maison du Littoral at Tourlaville.

2006 Exhibition for the »Marine Nationale on the boat “Le Pluvier”.

2007 Exhibition at “La Manche Libre.”

2008 Exhibition at « La Cité de la mer » CHERBOURG.

2009 Preparing an Exhibition in PARIS